Sunday, December 27, 2015


Ella's Christmas gift from Nana and Papa

Maximus' Christmas gift from Nana and Papa

Livy really wanted this sparkly furry sweater for her PINK PARTY gift. Jamie wanted her to pick something different because it didn't leave much room for her to grow in. Livy got emotional  but left  happy with a big furry coat. The next day while she was over she asked if she could trade her coat back in for this cute sweater. We had different plans to give it to her for her Christmas day gift. It was almost worth the heart ache to see the JOY on Livy's face. Happy girl! 

Nana and Papa gave all the boys Star Wars shirts.

Ella's gift from Dolly and family.

Maximus' gift from Dolly and family.

My part for Christmas dinner was this yummy CITRUS FENNEL and MINT salad.

Ella and Noelle wanted to be SHEPHERDS  for the Nativity.

I tried to put Max's cow costume on but he really wanted to be the STAR... and as you can see he certainly was.

"Mom take a picture so dad can see my cute clothes"

Pavlova turned brown, so we're pretty sure the oven is on it's last leg. It still tasted like Christmas. I also made sticky date pudding.

Max poured himself his own glass of sparkling cider. Full to the brim without spilling. Then drank the whole thing up.

Kenzie got this for Christmas. Max was singing and dancing along. I have a cute video too.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Poor Ella had a fever this morning:(

She couldn't have had a better reaction. I was a bit worried because I got princess celestia (the cheaper one, but not the twilight sparkle she asked santa for) When I asked about it she said "he got me a different one but it's princess celestia and it's a better one. I love it!!!"




Digging for an orange! Max's FAVORITE!

I'm so glad you we're able to call, at least we felt like a part of you was here. We miss you! It's just not the same with out you here. We'll be thinking about you all day. I love you so much! Merry Christmas my love!

Here are a few nice Christmas clips we've loved watching this season
They do one every year, this is our favorite. Max loves the penguin one and we also like the bear one.

Here's the churches Christmas message if you haven't seen it.