Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tinker Bell

Meet Ella Bell... Tinker Bells other half. They're practically two peas in a pod. They share the love for flying... sprinkling joy and pixy dust on everything they touch... strikingly blonde and blue eyed... and they even have that steaming sass when they get upset!


Pickin' Pumpkins

September was a LONG month! Not only was Matt on a crazy schedule working 18 hour days; getting home at 5 in the morning. We were on our second round of potty training. So we were juggling staying close to Ella's potty and staying out of the house so Matt could sleep... because there's 
NO WAY of keeping this little 2 year old quiet. 
Now suddenly we're past all the crazy and once again life is back to our "normal".
I'm reminded once again that nothing lasts forever and that I need to keep JOY in the journey. As much as I'm still adjusting to life away from "home" I'm realizing that this is how our story goes.
I'm just lucky I've been blessed with the best travel companions.

A corn pit, seriously! This was the coolest part!

Ella's been missing Nana and Grandpa's trampoline she couldn't get enough of these blow up bubbles!

The last time I can remember picking pumpkins was at the Beck's and as a child I remember them being humongous! This was a first for Ella and Matt so I suppose these littles will have to do.  

This is Ella's "don't take a picture of my pumpkin" face... 
really I can't complain if this is what grumpy looks like! 

Trunk or treating at the church. Ella had more fun giving out the candy then she had getting it. She was sad when our treasure chest was empty.

It's a...

Summer back home

Ella and I had the chance to go home for a few weeks in August.
The two pro's of having a wedding business in Utah...
*Always an excuse to visit family and  *all the gorgeous flowers we get to play with!

Flower crowns with the girls!

Apart from the wedding I'm sure we planned at least 10 parties! One of which was an inspiration shoot to be featured in the Be Loved magazine from Peter Loves Jane.
I can't say enough about these beautiful images from Brittany of Cascio Photography
Thanks for making us look like we live in a fairytale!

Hurry quick there's a sunset. One of the fond memories of summer living. I miss this beautiful view!

It's birthday season! 6 birthdays in 2 weeks! I get to share my special day with my sweet girl. She'll always be the best gift ever! She's the happiest part of my day, I love her to pieces!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

"I Love The Beach"

Found this passionfruit growing on the side of the road.
State Wildflower of Tennesse.
 I think we need to dig it up and take it home.

Dreamland Matt's favorite BBQ down South.


This little girl LOVED the beach. It's like we came home.
She would grab my hand and pull me out to the waves.
Didn't even mind if they splashed up on her face, she'd just laugh and keep walking.