Thursday, October 2, 2014

Well it's goodbye to the sweet state of Tennessee. Another place we'll call "home", another piece of our heart we'll miss, lots of amazing friends we grew to love. It's always bitter sweet having to pack up and move. Ella's "Mona Lisa smile" says it all. We have learned that no matter where this life takes us, we have been blessed with amazing family and friends that love and support us no matter what. 

Love being welcomed with open arms. Reunions are the best!

Smiles all around, we're happy to be home!


Maximus is TOTALLY excited for zucchini fresh out of the garden.
Well at least it's better than sand, which he ate without hesitation.
I know all babies first instinct is to put things in their mouths, but this boy has taken it to a new extreme... he has an obsession to chew... chew... chew!

Love our uncle Matt!

Love our cousins!


Our baby girl is growing up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Princess Ella!

 We're pretty lucky to have a photographer in our family to capture all the good times. THANK YOU
Jamie, you're pretty much the best!!! 

Birthday Bash 


HUGS for everyone!

This is priceless:) Ella loves her NANA!

Daddy just earned some big brownie points... 

 Elsa is in the house!

To our families, THANK YOU. We are so lucky to be surrounded by the best of the best. 
We love you! Thank you for giving us an unforgettable summer! 
We miss you already! We could use another dose of this... 

 We're not a fan of goodbyes. They NEVER get easier. There's nothing worse than leaving the ones you love, the ones who bring you joy. But without the goodbyes we wouldn't get the sweet reunions.
 Till next time:)


Wednesday, October 1, 2014